“Reuse it or Lose It!” Program

Residents of the District’s 20 member towns may bring household goods and building materials with some potential for reuse to the Reuse It or Lose It! program for others to take.  Starting January 1, 2019, visitors to the reuse buildings will pay a $1 admin fee for each visit or to drop-off items under 50 pounds.  For household items over 50 pounds, visitors will be charged $4 per item.

All items are accepted at the discretion of District staff and only when there is space available.  All items must be clean, in safe, readily usable condition, with few or no broken or missing parts.  Furniture must have no stains, tears, pet fur, or odors.  Building materials that have rot, rust, water damage, asbestos, or are stained, torn, heavily soiled, wet, or damaged are not accepted.

Visit Reuse It or Lose It! at the District Transfer Station at 1223 Route 7 South, in Middlebury. The Transfer Station is open Mon-Fri from 7 AM to 3 PM, and Sat from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Read below for the list of acceptable items, click here to download a printable list of acceptable items, or call us at 388-2333 to see if we can accept your reusable items.

Acceptable Household items include:

• Small kitchen appliances
• Books (no encyclopedias, textbooks, romance novellas)
• Furniture
• Housewares
• Kitchenware: dishes, utensils, storage containers with lids
• Knick-knacks & antiques
• Art, frames, craft supplies
• Office supplies
• DVDs, BLU-RAYs, records, CDs (no VHS or cassette tapes)
• Games, toys
• Sporting equipment, bikes, free weights, weight benches
• Hand tools

Acceptable Building Materials include:

• Kitchen & bath fixtures
• Free standing bathtubs
• Shower stalls
• Unused pipe (>4 ft)
• Unused plumbing fixtures
• Toilets (white & off-white only)
• Sinks (metal, white, or off-white)
• Cabinets
• Doors (residential only)
• Hardware & fasteners
• Unused fiberglass insulation
• Insulation board (>16 ft²)
• Lumber (>4 ft, no hardware)
• Plywood, drywall, particle board, OSB (>16 ft²)
• Roofing materials
• New ceramic tiles
• Light fixtures (non-fluorescent)
• Windows & shutters (no storm, single-pane, or picture windows)
• Countertops
• Hardwood flooring
• New vinyl or laminate flooring
• Vanity sets

NOT Accepted:

• Clothing & textiles, pillows
• Electronics
• Freon appliances
• Paint & chemicals
• Baby equipment of any kind
• Personal flotation devices
• Helmets
• Large appliances, microwaves
• Vacuum cleaners
• Mattresses, box springs
• Rugs, carpeting
• Lightbulbs
• Humidifiers & air purifiers
• Air conditioners & dehumidifiers
• Medical supplies
• Motorized exercise equipment
• Large stereo systems
• Tires

• Colored toilets or sinks
• Vermiculite or cellulose insulation
• Tiles with grout or glue
• Vinyl tiles
• Used laminate or vinyl flooring

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