Green Up Day 2018

We are getting excited for Green Up Day 2018 – what about you? Get the details about your town’s Green Up Day happenings here.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Green Up Day is a day for Vermonters to work together to clean up litter. Check out the table below for information on how to get involved in your community.

Please note: The special activities in this table are those planned by the town coordinators. Other groups may be planning additional activities for the community that are not listed below. To inquire about additional activities in your town, try contacting your Town Clerk.


Coordinator Coordinator Phone Bag Pick Up Date & Time Drop Off Location Special Activities
 Addison  Starr Phillips  759-2421  Contact Starr Phillips or the Town clerk’s office  Town dump truck will be parked behind church at Addison 4 corners Friday May 4th (pm) to Monday May 7th (early am)  None
 Bridport  Town Clerk  758-2483  Town Clerks Office during regular hours. M-W 9am – 4pm, Th. & Fri. 9 am – 12pm  On Green Up Day at the Bridport Town Office  None
 Bristol  Carolyn Dash  881-7341  Town Clerk’s office April 30th – May 4th from 8 am – 4:30 pm & Town Green on May 5th from 8am – 12pm  May 5th on curbside or at former Town Landfill on Pine Street  None
 Cornwall  Sue Johnson  462-2775  Town Hall Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5pm from April 23rd to May 4th  Town trucks will be at Cornwall School Parking Lot May 5th through May 7th  None
 Ferrisburgh  Deb Healy  475-2944  At Town Clerks Office during business hours; at the Ferrisburgh school parking lot from 9-10am on GU Day or special request call Coordinator  Across from Town Garage on Green Up Day ONLY 10am-3pm or by making special pick up arrangements with coordinator  None
 Goshen  Marci Hayes  247-6151  In front of town office any time prior & on Green Up Day or will be delivered  Leave alongside of road  May 5th BBQ lunch free to community. Maple sausage & Portabella mushrooms
 Granville  Cheryl Sargeant  767-3027  May 5th at Town clerk’s office, Moss Glen Grange Hall or Granville General Store  At Dumpster at the Moss Glen Grange Hall on May 5th  None
 Hancock  Scott Gillette  770-0727  May 5th at Town Hall @ 9:30 – 10:30am  Parking Lot behind Hancock Town Hall May 5th any time prior to 3pm  Light refreshments on the Hancock Town Green at 1pm.  Coffee will be served to volunteers in the morning
 Leicester  Kate Briggs  247-5305  Town office anytime (bags will be next to the door)  May 5th & May 6th at town shed or leave by side of the road  Cookout May 5th from 12 – 1:30pm
 Lincoln  Dawn Mikkelson  453-7029  May 5th from 8 am – 11 am at the Lincoln Fire Station  May 5th 11am – 1pm at Lincoln Fire Station  Enjoy picnic lunch & raffle from 11am -1pm at Fire Station. Receive ticket per bag dropped off. Raffle items drawn at 12:45pm. Must be present to win
 Middlebury  Peg Martin  388-7697  Town office & Library on May 5th  May 5th at the East Middlebury Fire Station & Department of Public works (1020 Rte. 7S) which they will have 2 trucks for separation of trash, metal & tires between 8am – 1pm.  An attendant will be available for assistance if needed  None
 Monkton  Chelsea Smiley  349-1730  Monkton Town Hall  May 5th from 8am – 1pm  May 5th at Town Garage  None
 New Haven  Suzy Roorda  453-5978  May 5th 9am – 11am at Town Green (across from the market & church)  Put bags on side of the road where you left off.  The road crew will collect the bags on May 7th  None
 Orwell  Cindy Watrous  948-2751  During business hours at Buxton Store, Orwell Gas & Go, & Town Clerk’s  May 5th between 8:00am – 2pm at Orwell Fire Department  Ice Cream for all. Bag raffle for the kids who pick up on May 5th
 Panton  Louise Giovanella  759-2529  May 5th at Town Hall during business hours & Town Garage (near the mailbox), anytime  On Roadside at locations that allow the road crew to pick up safely. Or they may be brought to Town garage on May 5th  None
 Ripton  Warren King  388-4082  Country Store 8am – 7pm from April 29th to May 5th, Town office May 1st 2pm – 6pm or May 2 & May 4th 9am -1pm  Ripton Town shed until May 11th or by arrangement on any Ripton Rd shoulder  BBQ at Ripton Town Shed from 11am – 12pm on May 5th
 Salisbury  Christine Turner  352-4778  May 5th at Kampersville Store 8am -10am  May 5th along Main Roads in Salisbury or take to Salisbury landfill by 1pm on May 5th  None
 Shoreham  Abby Adams  897-2647  Town Clerks Office, Shoreham Post Office or Platt Memorial Library during business hours  May 5th at Firehouse between 9am – 2pm  Every bag dropped off will enter you into a drawing for a raffle prize. Every 10th bag will get a free plant for your garden
 Starksboro  Becky Trombley  453-7350  May 5th at Town Garage or Town Clerk’s Office  May 5th at Town Garage  None
 Vergennes  Lowell Bertrand  877-6960  Prior to May 5th at City Hall from 9am – 4pm. On May 5th at City Park 8am -12pm  May 5th leave bags on roadside within City Limits  or at City Park between 8am – 12pm  None
 Waltham  Town Clerk  877-3641  Town Clerk’s office Tues. & Fri. 9am – 3pm. If Not open then in blue bin in the Sand Shed on the North side of Town hall  At Town hall on May 5th  None
 Weybridge  Peggy Lyons  545-5966  Bags can be picked up at the Recycling Center April 28th & May 5th  May 5th leave on side of road  None
 Whiting  Becky Bertrand  349-9468  Town Clerk’s office (during bus. hours)  May 5th at Town Shed or leave on roadside  None