Keep Vermont Beautiful: Don’t burn or dump trash!

Burning and dumping trash is illegal in Vermont. Dumping and littering threatens watersheds, drinking water, and wildlife. Heavy metals and other noxious substances in trash contaminate the ecosystem, and harm animals that consume or get caught in these materials. Burning household trash is also illegal, whether you do it in a barrel or in your woodstove. Unlike controlled, permitted incinerators, trash burned illegally releases cancer-causing substances directly into the air, and indirectly into the soil and food.

Illegal dumping and burning are punishable by monetary fines up to $500, as well as community roadside cleanup. Report dumping and/or burning by calling us at 388-2333, or the Addison County Sheriff at 388-2981 (you may choose to remain anonymous).

Please help protect the environment, our drinking water, and our health by properly disposing of waste!