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Announcing: Blue Bin Recycling Workshops!

A recycling bin with glass bottles, an aluminum can, newspaper, a cardboard box and an empty milk jug falling into it.

How well do you know how to recycle in Addison County?

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Quiz Time:  

1. True or false. Pizza boxes are recyclable in your blue bin?

Answer: True! Small spots of grease are okay but any part of a pizza box with a lot of grease or stuck on food is not recyclable. Because many pizza boxes come with wax paper separating the pizza from the cardboard, often the entire box is acceptable in your blue bin.  

2. True or false. Compostable cups are recyclable in your blue bin? 

Answer: False! Neither plastic nor paper compostable cups are recyclable in your blue bin. Clear, compostable cups are deceptive because they look like their plastic counterparts. Compostable plastic is designed to break down and is therefore not valuable to recyclers who market plastics for new uses. Paper compostable cups are not recyclable for a few reasons. Because they contain a coating that allows them to hold liquid and because they are “food contact paper," they are not recyclable.   

3. True or false. If something has a “recycling symbol” on it, it is recyclable? 

Answer: False! The recycling symbol also known as the "chasing arrows symbol" was designed to convey what type of plastic an item is made of, not necessarily if it's recyclable. You should always check with your local municipality to see if something is recyclable before assuming it is. Blue bin recycling guidelines vary from municipality to municipality. Fortunately, the tips you'll learn in our workshop will help inform you on blue bin recycling across Vermont. 

How’d you do? Excellent? Fair? Poor? We welcome all skill levels to join us for a free, virtual recycling webinar on the basics of recycling. If you’ve ever wondered if something belongs in your recycling bin (aka “blue bin”) or what kinds of special recycling are required by Vermont law, register for our webinar! We’ll also cover some basic facts about recycling markets and the issues our country faces when recycling. So, come flex your recycling muscles, share your questions, and develop a framework for smarter recycling!  

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