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Compost Workshop Quiz Answers

Compost quiz answers:

  1. True or false, your compost pile should be placed in direct sunlight? False. It doesn't matter whether your compost is in the sun or the shade, the heat in your compost pile comes from the microorganisms breaking down the organic matter.

  2. True or false, worms do the majority of the decomposition in your compost pile? False. Bacteria are the primary decomposers in a compost pile and do 99% of the work.

  3. True or false, compost helps the soil act more like a sponge? True. Compost can be added to dense soil (clays) to break it up and filtrate water or added to course soil (sands) to help it retain water. Compost fixes most soil ailments.

How did you do? Excellent (all three correct!), fair (one to two correct!), poor (none correct!)? Is it time to revisit your knowledge of backyard composting? It's not too late to join the Addison County Solid Waste Management District for a Backyard Composting Workshop. Find out why it's important to divert your food scraps from the trash, how to get started, as well as techniques to overcome issues you might encounter. Register here:




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