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Updates to Reuse It or Lose It! Program

Our popular Reuse It or Lose It! program is still going strong! Through the program, District residents may drop off usable household items and building materials in the reuse buildings at the Transfer Station for others to take. Starting January 1, 2019, visitors to the reuse buildings will pay a $1 admin fee for each visit or to drop-off items under 50 pounds. For household items over 50 pounds, visitors will be charged $4 per item.

Read our list of accepted items or download our printable Reuse It or Lose It! information sheet. Not sure if an item you have is accepted? Call us at 388-2333.

Reminder: all items are accepted at the discretion of District staff and only when there is space available. All items must be clean, in safe, readily usable condition, with few or no broken or missing parts. Furniture must have no stains, tears, pet fur, or odors. Building materials that have rot, rust, water damage, asbestos, or are stained, torn, heavily soiled, wet, or damaged are not accepted.

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