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Business Food Scrap Diversion

We can provide Addison County businesses with technical assistance to get started diverting food scraps from the landfill, including performing waste audits, providing food scrap collection containers, and recommending options for food donation and food scrap collection. Call us at (802) 388-2333 or email for a free consultation!

Tips for diverting food scraps

Keeping food scraps out of the trash is great for our communities and can quickly become second nature. Try these tips to make separating food scraps a breeze:

  • Keep out contaminants such as packaging, silverware, twist ties, PLU stickers, and plastic to avoid loads of food scraps being rejected.
  • Cover food scraps with a layer of sawdust or other "browns" to prevent odors and flies.
  • Use BPI-certified compostable bags to line bins if desired.
  • Secure bins, manage odors, and use these other tips to keep bears from becoming a nuisance.
  • Collect food scraps in a dishwashable bucket.

Businesses diverting food scraps

Below are the businesses in our District that are diverting their food scraps from the landfill. This list grows daily. Let us know if your business diverts food waste or if you would like a "We BEET food waste!" window decal for your business.

Whether donating quality food to pantries and soup kitchens, supplying food scraps to farms for animal feed, or sending scraps for local compost or energy, these businesses are great stewards of our community.

  • 51 Main
  • Agri-Mark Cabot
  • American Flatbread
  • Almost Home Market
  • Appalachain Gap Distillery
  • Aqua Vitea
  • Basin Harbor Club
  • BobCat Cafe and Brewery
  • The Bridge Restaurant
  • Bud’s Beans
  • Camp Thorpe
  • Champlain Orchards
  • Chipman Inn
  • Common Ground Center
  • Daily Chocolate
  • Drop-In Brewery
  • Eastview at Middlebury
  • Elderly Services
  • Green Mountain Beverage
  • Green Peppers Restaurant
  • Halfway House
  • Hannaford
  • Helen Porter Healthcare and Rehab Center
  • Hogback Mountain Brewing
  • HOPE
  • Lincoln Peak Winery
  • Marys at Baldwin Creek
  • Middlebury Chocolates
  • Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op and Cafe
  • Mister Ups
  • Morgan’s Tavern at Middlebury Inn
  • Noonie’s Deli
  • Otter Creek Brewery
  • Otter Creek Deli and Bakery
  • Point Counter Point
  • Porter Medical Center
  • The Residence at Otter Creek
  • Rosie’s Restaurant
  • Shaw’s (Bristol)
  • Shaw’s (Middlebury)
  • Shaw’s (Vergennes)
  • Shoreham Inn
  • Stoneleaf Teahouse LLC
  • Storm Cafe
  • Strong House Inn
  • UTC
  • Vergennes Laundry
  • Vermont Coffee Company
  • Vermont Cookie Love
  • Waybury Inn
  • Woodchuck Cider
  • Your Business Here