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Rates & Fees

General Information

Household bagged trash and recycling are not accepted at the District Transfer Station. Blue-bin recycling and bagged trash must be taken to your town drop-off or picked up by a licensed hauler

Vehicles requiring only a scale weight are charged $5.00 per vehicle.

The District Transfer Station accepts credit cards, cash, and checks.

View our 2024 Adopted Rate Sheet (PDF).

District Fee

A fee of $35.00/ton is charged on all municipal solid waste (MSW) and construction and demolition debris (C&D) generated in the District that is destined for disposal (this fee is included in the Transfer Station MSW and C&D rate listed below), and $10/ton on contaminated soils approved by the Agency of Natural Resources for use as alternative daily cover.

Admin Fee

A $1.00 admin fee is charged on all monetary transactions in addition to the rates listed below.

District Transfer Station Rates


  • Municipal solid waste (MSW), Construction & Demolition Debris: $148 per ton
  • Minimum Fee - 100 lbs. or less - mixed debris: $9 per load

Appliances with CFCs

  • Refrigerator, freezer, window A/C, water fountain, vending machine, dehumidifier: $15 each
  • Commercial-Grade A/C units & outdoor residential A/C units: At cost

Appliances without CFCs

  • Furnace, washer, dryer, hot water heater, stove, dishwasher, microwave, woodstove, etc.: no charge


Packaging requirements apply 

  • Non-Friable: $250 per ton


  • Wood: $1 per load

Asphalt Shingles and Drywall Recycling

  • $110 per ton


  • Wet-cell, automotive: No Charge
  • Small dry-cell, cell phones, rechargeable, button cell, lithium, lithium ion, NiMH, NiCad: No Charge


Hard and soft cover

  • Residential: $2 per load
  • Business: $80/ton

Clean Wood

Brush, branches; cut into 16-inch logs if greater than 6-inches in diameter

  • Residential, up to 1 regular pick-up truck or small trailer: $7 per load
  • Trucks (larger than pick-up truck), large loads, and all commercial loads: $60 per ton
  • Mulch loading assistance (upon request): $10 per scoop

Cooking Oil

Large quantities call ahead

  • No charge


Secure destruction

  • Small amounts only: No charge


Items where ‟or no charge” is indicated may be covered by Vermont E-Waste Law — No charge for households, 501(c)(3) charities, school districts, small businesses (10 or fewer employees) OR 7 or fewer covered items per visit.

  • Large items or quantities charged by weight at the discretion of the scalehouse operator: $0.23 per lb.
  • Computers, whole systems (includes everything): $11 each (or no charge)
  • Computers, by piece (monitor or CPU or printer): $6 per piece (or no charge)
  • Televisions (regular size): $7 each (or no charge)
  • Televisions (console size): $15 each (or no charge)
  • Desktop Photocopier: $11 per piece
  • Small Electronics (CD/DVD player, Fax, Stereo, Corded Telephones, UPS, VCR etc.): $2.50 per piece
  • Mixed Bag (adapters, cameras, chips, cords, game controllers, phones, remotes, etc - grocery bag size): $5 per bag

Film Plastic & Plastic Bags

Items must meet acceptance criteria

  • Residential: No charge
  • Business (limit 1 cubic yard per week): $10 per load
  • Business only, baled: $50 per bale

Fire Extinguishers

  • All sizes: $5 each

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Items where ‟or no charge” is indicated may be covered by Vermont Mercury Lamp Law — No charge for general purpose mercury bulbs, 10 or fewer per day.

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps: No Charge
  • U-Tube, Circular or Straight Tubes 4 ft. or shorter: $0.35 each (or no charge)
  • Straight Tubes longer than 4 ft: $0.60 each (or no charge)
  • HID Lamps: $1 each (or no charge)
  • UV, Neon or other Specialty Lamps: $1.95 each

Food Waste

  • Residential only, containers up to 5-gal: $1.00
  • Business, containers up to 5-gal: $1.00 each
  • Business, 32-gallon container: $15 each
  • Business, 48-gallon container: $20 each 

Hazardous Waste

  • Residential (including all paint): No Charge
  • Business, VSQG (including all paint) Must schedule appointment date/time: Actual Cost + $5 Fee (Under Vermont Paint Law — No charge for architectural paint. The $5-per-visit admin fee will be waived on paint-only loads.)

Leaf & Yard Waste

  • Grass clippings, leaves, small twigs — 3 cubic yards or less: $2 per load
  • Over 3 cubic yards: $20 per load

Light Ballasts

  • Containing PCBs: $2.25 each

Maple Tubing

Call for acceptance guidelines; by appointment only

  • $10 per cubic yard

Mercury Devices

  • Intact thermometers, thermostats, etc.: No Charge

Motor Oil

  • Residential, uncontaminated only, 10 ga. or less per day: No Charge
  • Business any amount or Residential greater than 10 gal, uncontaminated only, drums by appointment: $2.00 per gallon

Oil Filters

  • Residential: No Charge
  • Business: Individual filters: $0.30 each
  • Business: 5-gallon pail full: $13 per pail
  • Business: 55-gallon drum full: $140 per drum

Propane Tanks

  • 1-lb (Residential): No Charge
  • 1-lb (Business): $1 each
  • 20-lb or larger (grill size, resident or business): $5 each


All brands of disposable razors are accepted for special recycling. Razor blade heads and handles only.

  • No charge


  • Single Stream Recyclables from Commercial Haulers: $125 per ton
  • Single Stream self-hauled from Businesses, 1 cubic yard or less: $10 per load
  • Single Stream self-hauled from Businesses greater than 1 cubic yard: $125 per ton

Scrap Metal

  • No Charge


  • $15 per cubic yard


  • Must be clean, dry, and in bags
  • No Charge


  • Passenger Tires: $4.00 each
  • Large Truck Tires: $11 each
  • Agricultural Tires, Earthmoving, & Oversized: $0.20 per pound
  • Car & Light Truck up to 20"- Large Quantity by the pound: $0.11 per pound
  • Specialty Tires:  At cost- call for pricing.