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List of Licensed Haulers

This list of licensed haulers is offered for informational purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement by the District.

All haulers collecting waste for compensation in the District are required by District ordinance to obtain a commercial hauler's license. All haulers offering trash service to customers are also required, by State law and ordinance, to offer recycling services. In addition, trash trucks parked at town/city drop-offs and other locations must offer to accept food scraps and leaf and yard debris (seasonally). Unless certified by the State of Vermont to do so, trash haulers are not allowed to transport hazardous waste.

If you have questions or concerns about hauling companies or your trash service, please feel free to contact the District Office.

Interested in becoming a licensed hauler? Download important information and the necessary forms.

1-800-GOT JUNK?

Acker Waste Management

BK Services, LLC

Brenda Kimball

C&J Haulers

Casella Waste Management

  • Phone: 1-800-292-0297
  • Email: Nicole.Russin@
  • Services offered: Curbside pick-up* and roll-offs 
    • *Note: This hauler offers food scrap pick-up for some businesses

Clover State Window & Siding Company, Inc.

Cota Trucking Company

  • Phone: (802) 878-2668

Denton & Son Waste and Recycling

Desabrais Trash

DH Cameron Construction Company, Inc.

Draft Trash Pick-up, LLC

  • Phone: (802) 377-0640
  • Email: DrivenbyDrafts@
  • Services offered: Curbside pick-up 
    • Note: This hauler offers food scrap pick-up

Frank D. Lossman Garbage & Recycling

  • Phone: (802) 453-3906
  • Email: fwloss@
  • Services offered: Cleanouts and curbside pick-up

Gauthier Trucking Company Inc.

  • Phone: (802) 879-4020
  • Email: jane@ 
  • Services offered: Cleanouts, curbside pick-up* and roll-offs
    • *This hauler offers food scrap pick-up for some businesses 

Grow Compost of VT

  • Phone: (802) 882-8257
  • Email: kyle@ 
  • Services offered: Curbside collection of packaged food scraps from businesses 

Grunts Move Junk

Moose Rubbish and Recycling

Myers Container Service, Inc.

New England Quality Service, Inc. (Earth, Waste & Metal)

PDS Waste Management, LLC

R&L Rubbish

Seguin Services, LLC

  • Phone: (802) 948-2912
  • Email: seguinservicesllc@ 
  • Services offered: Cleanouts and curbside pick-up
    • Note: This hauler offers food scrap collection. 
  • Operates Orwell Town Drop-off which accepts trash, recycling, food scraps and leaf & yard waste

Thornapple Farm

  • Phone: (802) 377-0921
  • Email: thornapplefarm@
  • Services offered: Cleanouts and Curbside pick-up*
    • *Note: This hauler offers food scrap collection.

Webb & Sons Landscaping Co.

  • Phone: (802) 388-4532
  • Services offered: Cleanouts and curbside pick-up in Ripton only  
  • Operates Ripton Town Drop-off which accepts trash, recycling* leaf & yard waste and food scraps  
    • *Recycling collected by Casella Waste Management

Wyman Frasier Lumber

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