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School Food Scrap Diversion

Any person or entity that generates 18 tons/year (1/3 ton/week) of food waste must send the material to a certified facility within 20 miles. In Addison County, businesses and schools can have food scraps picked up by a licensed hauler or bring them to the District Transfer StationAll food scraps, regardless of amount, will be banned from the trash on July 1, 2020.

We provide Addison County schools with technical assistance to get started diverting food scraps from the landfill, including performing waste audits, providing food scrap collection containers, and recommending options for food donation, food scrap collection, on-site composting, share tables and sorting stations. The District also provides grant funding for waste reduction and diversion projects in schools such as water bottle filling stations and cafeteria sorting stations. Call us at (802) 388-2333 or email emily@ for a free consultation and more information about grants. 

Schools that divert food scraps

Below are the schools in our District that are diverting their food scraps from the landfill. Whether donating quality food to pantries and soup kitchens, supplying food scraps to farms for animal feed, composting on-site, or sending scraps for local compost or energy, these schools are great stewards of our community.

  • Addison Central School
  • Beeman Elementary School
  • Bridge School
  • Bridport Elementary School
  • Bristol Elementary School
  • Cornwall School
  • Ferrisburgh Central School
  • Leicester Central School
  • Lincoln Community School
  • Hannaford Career Center
  • Mary Hogan School
  • Middlebury College
  • Middlebury Union High School
  • Middlebury Union Middle School
  • Monkton Central School
  • Mount Abraham
  • North Branch School
  • Northlands Job Corps Center
  • Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center
  • Red Cedar School
  • Ripton Elementary School
  • Robinson Elementary School
  • Shoreham Elementary School
  • Vergennes Union Elementary School
  • Vergennes Union High School
  • Weybridge Elementary School