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Containers for Recycling & Food Scraps

The following containers are available for District residents at the District Scalehouse. 

Recycling Bin ("Blue Bin")

New residents to the District are allowed one free blue bin for handling recyclables. Residents who have already have a bin are allowed a free replacement bin if their original bin breaks or is hit by a vehicle. For residents interested in more than one blue bin, additional bins are $5 each. Blue bins are 18 gallons in size. 

Kitchen Collector

The District sells Kitchen Collectors for $5. These small pails (1.9 gallons) for collecting food scraps are dishwasher safe and can be kept in your fridge or freezer to minimize odors. Features: 

  • Durable, dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean
  • Lid opens and latches closed easily with one hand
  • Lid locks in open position for easier filling
  • Lid perforations allow venting but stop insects
  • Ergonomic handle and back grip for easy use
  • Wide opening allows easy scraping of plates

Food Scrap Bucket

Temporarily Out of Stock

The District offers 5-gallon food scrap buckets to residents who will be disposing of their food scraps at their local town drop-off. First bucket free, additional buckets $5. Businesses can also get buckets by contacting us

Business Food Scrap Bucket

The District offers businesses free 4-gallon buckets for food scrap diversion. These buckets are sized more appropriately for commercial dishwashers.

SoilSaver Classic Composter

For those interested in backyard composting, the District sells backyard composting units for $45. For information on getting started with composting (or learning how to compost better to reduce odors), the District is offers free home composting workshops to residents. The SoilSaver and other plastic compost bins are not bear-proof. It is important to follow composting best practices to reduce the likelihood of wildlife being interested in your compost bin. 


  • 28"w x 28"d x 32"h
  • Holds 11.4 cubic feet
  • Made from sturdy recycled plastic
  • Keeps most animals out
  • Removable convenient locking lid
  • Easy assembly

Green Cone Solar Digester

The District sells Green Cone solar digesters for $135 each. These solar digesters can handle meat scraps and other wastes a backyard compost bin cannot.