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Handling Hazardous Waste from Businesses

The HazWaste Center accepts hazardous wastes from only those businesses that qualify as Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG). All businesses are responsible for paying the full disposal cost of their hazardous waste. Businesses must also pre-register and arrange an appointment time to dispose of hazardous waste. If you are a business, call Don at (802) 388-2333, Ext. 222 for more information on generator status and disposal pricing. To receive an appointment time, fill out the HazWaste Center VSQG Registration Form below.

VSQG Registration Form

Phone number format

Phone number format: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

General description of wastes

Describe each type of waste and the approximate volume in gallons (e.g., fuels, oil, corrosives, oil-based paint, latex paint, thinners, aerosol cans, pesticides, herbicides, adhesives, tar, etc.).

Are any wastes in drums or containers greater than 5 gallons in volume? *

Terms of service:

  • The District HazWaste Center accepts hazardous wastes from businesses that qualify as Very Small Quantity Generators only. 
  • Businesses are responsible for all disposal costs. 
  • Business hazardous waste is accepted by appointment only. ACSWMD will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • Only the wastes listed on this form will be accepted at this appointment.
I agree to the above Terms of Service.