List of Licensed Haulers

This list of licensed haulers listed is offered for informational purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement by the District.

All trash haulers operating in the District are required by District ordinance to obtain a hauler’s license. Haulers offering curbside trash service to District residents are also required, by ordinance, to offer recycling services. To encourage waste reduction, haulers are required to offer different levels of service. Unless certified by the State of Vermont to do so, trash haulers are not allowed to transport hazardous waste.

If you have questions or concerns about hauling companies or your trash service, please feel free to contact the district office.

Interested in becoming a licensed hauler? Download important information and the necessary forms.


Licensed Hauler Name

Contact Phone

Curbside Materials Accepted

Special Services



Food Scraps

Leaf & Yard Debris*


Clean Outs

Roll Offs Rentals


BK Services 483-6563 or 483-2800 X X X X
C & J Haulers 877-2461 X X X X
Casella Waste Management 388-2915 X X X X X X
Clover State Waste 316-7166 X Construction
Denton and Son 247-8340 X X X X X
Desabrais Trash 465-8210 X X X X
Draft Trash (Patrick Palmer) 388-6232 X X X X X
Earth Waste Metal
Frank’s Garbage and Recycling 453-3906 X X X X X
Gauthier 879-4020 X X X X X X
Hartigan Company 223-3452 Sludges and Soils
Moose Rubbish and Recycling 377-5006 X X X X X
Myers Container Service 655-4312 X X X X
National Rubbish Removal 775-2490 X X X X X X
PDS (Premier Disposal Service) 453-7548 or 349-9166 X X X X
R & L Rubbish 349-9997 X X X X X
Webb & Sons 388-4532 or 324-4237 X X X X
*Seasonal pick up. Call you hauler for more info.