Mercury Thermostat Recycling

Mercury is a hazardous material and is banned from the landfill, so old-style thermometers that contain mercury can’t be thrown out with your regular trash.

Disposing of mercury-containing thermostats properly will yield all customers a $5 rebate when they are brought to the District Transfer Station or to participating retail and wholesale locations.

Here’s how to receive your rebate when bringing a thermostat to the District Transfer Station:

  1. Place your thermostat inside a plastic zip-lock baggie to reduce the chances of a mercury spill during transport.
  2. Bring the entire thermostat (including metal ring or cover) to the District Transfer Station.  All traffic must go over the scale, so inform the scale operator that you have a thermostat.
  3. Hand the thermostat to the scale operator.  You will be given a card containing a rebate card and a receipt.
  4. Fill out and send in the rebate card, and keep the receipt for your records.
  5. Once the manufacturer receives both the thermostat from the District and your rebate card, you will receive a check for $5.

PLEASE NOTE:  Since the District sends thermostats for recycling in batches, it may take several months before you receive the rebate.  You can call the number on your receipt to check on the status of your rebate.  Also, if the thermostat does not contain ALL parts (particularly the metal ring and/or cover),  and if it does NOT contain mercury, you will not receive a rebate.

THE FINE PRINT: Anyone can participate at retail and wholesale locations. There is no limit on the number of units each person or business can turn in at the District Transfer Station.  Please call ahead if you have large quantities.

For more information on the thermostat rebate program, including retail and wholesale locations near you that accept thermostats, visit