Recycling Small Electronic Waste & Accessories

Small electronic waste and accessories may be recycled in our electronics recycling program!  This includes our “Mixed Bag” recycling option. Drop off a grocery-sized bag of unwanted “technotrash,” including software, computer chips, disks, miscellaneous parts, adaptors, cords, cables, CDs/DVDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, etc. for a flat fee of just $5.

Want more options for disposing of technotrash such as CDs and cassettes?

There are several other companies you can contact to help you dispose of your technotrash.

Visit Green Disk which offers “one place for you to dispose of everything from a CD to a PC and most of the technotrash in between.” Plus, they “even come and get it.”

CD Recycling Center is another great resource for individuals, small companies and large companies wanting to set up an on-site CD recycling program.

MRC Polymers is another company that accepts CDs and recycles them at no cost. The only cost involved is shipping the boxes.