Recycling Used Pressurized Tanks and Cylinders

Propane and other compressed gas tanks of any size must NOT be put in your blue bin for recycling. Also, due to worker safety reasons they should NOT be discarded as trash and kept separate from scrap metal. Please see below for recycling options. Tanks should also be empty (or close to empty).

Small, 1 lb “camp stove size” propane tanks

Do NOT place in your blue bin. Bring to the District Transfer Station during all regular hours of operation for recycling . Recycling of 1-lb tanks is free for residents and $1 each for businesses.

Standard, 20 lb “grill size” propane tanks

  • Option 1: Take your old 20-lb tank to a store that offers an exchange program (such as Blue Rhino). They will accept your old tank and give you a full tank in exchange (with the new-style valve).  You will be charged for the service, but you will leave with a new tank.
  • Option 2: Take your old tank to the District Transfer Station during all regular hours of operation and we will recycle it.  Recycling of 20-lb tanks is $3 each for residents and businesses.

Large propane tanks and cylinders (over 20 lb.)

Call the District at 802-388-2333 for details on recycling propane tanks larger than 20 lbs.

Fire Extinguishers

Click here for information on recycling fire extinguishers.

Helium Tanks

The small “Balloon Time” helium tanks can be recycled as scrap metal at the District Transfer Station once all pressure has been released (i.e., tank emptied) and the valve has been removed.

Freon Tanks

Freon tanks and other tanks containing refrigerants may be recycled at the District Transfer Station for a fee of $11 per tank.

Other Compressed Gases

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of those listed above, tnaks and cylinders of OTHER COMPRESSED GASES are NOT ACCEPTED at the District Transfer Station. Such tanks should be brought back to the distributor (name is usually on the label). Distributors can be found in the Yellow Pages under Gas-Industrial & Medical – Cylinder and Bulk.