Repair Café Event Information



Repair Cafés are free community events that are made possible by volunteer fixers contributing their time and talents to help out their neighbors. That said, we can’t guarantee that everything will get repaired – but we will certainly try, and we will do our best to point you in the right direction if your item can’t get fixed then and there.

At the Café, you’ll find tools, materials, and repair experts to help you fix your items. You’ll also find refreshments and snacks, kids’ activities, an information table with repair and DIY readings, and lots of friendly faces! Even if you don’t have broken items to bring, you are still invited to come, enjoy a snack, watch the repairs, and mingle with fellow community members.

What to Bring

The items that are able to get repaired at the event depend on the volunteers who show up. Our current list of fixers are skilled in sewing, mending, jewelry repair, woodworking, bike repair, small appliance repair, and electronics repair. We will NOT be doing small engine repair (no lawn mowers, weed wackers, etc.). Please give us a call at 802-388-2333 if you are unsure of what to bring. If you have a skill you’d like to contribute, please contact Sarah Lundquist at or 802-388-2333 to volunteer.

If you have an item that is too large to bring, feel free to bring pictures and a description of what is wrong with the item. Consult with our volunteers and ask for their advice on how you can complete the repair at home.

We reserve the right to limit the number of items fixed per participant to one. You are allowed to bring more than one item, but if it is very busy, we may have to turn your second item away. If we do not limit the number of items, we ask that you are courteous to your neighbors and join the end of the line for each successive item.


We will have a limited supply of tools and materials at the event. Be advised that you may need to purchase parts and/or tools separately if the item cannot be fixed with our supplied materials. Ask fixers for advice on what and where to buy materials, if needed.


This event is about working together, spreading knowledge, and teaching skills. As you are able, we encourage you to pay attention and actively participate in the repair being administered to your item. Our hope is that, after the event, participants will be more inclined to attempt repairs themselves, or seek out other repair options instead of resorting to landfilling broken items and buying new.

If Your Item Can’t Be Fixed…

There are limits to what we can fix at a Repair Café. Because the fixers are volunteers and all the repairs are being performed for free, there are no guarantees. Participants bring items at their own risk. The organizers and fixers are not liable for any loss that may result from advice or instructions concerning repairs, for the loss of items handed over for repairs, for indirect or consequential loss, or for any other kind of loss resulting from work performed. Fixers have the right to refuse to repair certain items at their discretion.

For repairs that are deemed out of the scope of this event, or if there is not enough time to complete a repair, we will have a homework sheet available for fixers to help participants with. Participants are invited to ask the volunteers questions about next steps, and their advice about professional repairs, if applicable.

Fixers are not obligated to reassemble disassembled appliances that cannot be repaired. If you bring an item that cannot be repaired, you are responsible for proper disposal of the item. Ask ACSWMD staff members at the event for advice on recycling and/or disposal if needed.

House Rules

Click here to view our House Rules. Upon arrival at the event, you will be asked to sign the House Rules form to indicate your agreement with our policies. Anyone who brings items for repair will be required to sign the form.

Enjoy Yourself!

The organizers and volunteers are working hard to make this a successful and enjoyable event for our residents. Thank you so much for your interest in participating; we hope you have fun!


Questions? Want to volunteer at this event? Contact Sarah Lundquist at or 802-388-2333.