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Disposal Options

If an aquarium is in good condition (no leaks) please consider donating it to a local organization or the District's Reuse It or Lose It! program for reuse. If it is not in good condition, it may be thrown away with your household trash or brought to the District Transfer Station for disposal if it is too large for your household trash. If aquarium lighting contains fluorescent or metal halide lamps, these must be removed prior to disposal since they contain mercury. Mercury lamps may be brought to the District Transfer Station for special recycling. Learn more about special recycling for mercury lamps.


The fee associated with your town drop-off or curbside collection service applies for this item.

Reuse It or Lose It!

The Reuse It or Lose It! sheds are closed until further notice.


  • Municipal solid waste (MSW), Construction & Demolition Debris: $130 per ton
  • Minimum Fee - Minimum Load Size - ½ ton for MSW only: $64
  • Minimum Fee - 100 lbs. or less - mixed debris: $8 per load


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