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This item cannot go in the trash in District towns per District Ordinance.

Disposal Options

Only asbestos-containing materials that are non-friable are accepted at the District Transfer Station. Asbestos-containing materials are non-friable if they can not be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to a powder with hand pressure. All non-friable asbestos-containing materials must be packaged for disposal in accordance to the VT Department of Health guidelines before being brought to the District Transfer Station:

  • All materials must be thoroughly wetted and kept wet before being placed into containers for disposal.

  • Wetted materials must be securely sealed in double impermeable bags of at least 6 mil thickness each (a total of 12 mil thickness for the two bags). Large components or structural members may be wrapped airtight in two layers of 6 mil plastic sheeting secured with tape for disposal. Regular contractor bags are too thin; 6 mil bags are available at the District Transfer Station for $2.75 each.

If the asbestos is friable (crumbly, easily becomes airborne) it must be handled by an asbestos abatement contractor licensed by the State of Vermont. For more information, contact the Vermont Department of Health Asbestos Hotline: (800) 439-8550, or visit the Vermont Department of Health website on asbestos.



Packaging requirements apply 

  • Non-Friable: $250 per ton


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