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Berry Baskets

This item is banned from disposal in the trash in Vermont and must be recycled with blue-bin recycling.  

Disposal Options

Fiber (paper) baskets can be recycled in your blue bin, as long as they are clean with no berry residue. If they are soiled, they can be composted at home or placed in the trash.  Baskets made of natural wood may be brought to the District Transfer Station to be recycled as clean wood. Wooden berry baskets must be held together with staples only (no glue) and must not contain any particle board or material other than natural wood. Clementine boxes, for example, should be placed in the trash because they contain components of plywood.


The fee associated with your town drop-off or curbside collection service applies for this item.

Clean Wood

Brush, branches; cut into 16-inch logs if greater than 6-inches in diameter

  • Residential, up to 1 regular pick-up truck or small trailer: $7 per load
  • Trucks (larger than pick-up truck), large loads, and all commercial loads: $60 per ton
  • Mulch loading assistance (upon request): $10 per scoop


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