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CDs/DVDs & Audio/Video Tapes

Disposal Options

Small electronic waste and accessories, including CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and video tapes can be recycled in the electronics recycling program at the District Transfer Station. Paper inserts and jewel cases should be removed and can be placed in your blue bin recycling.

Other options include:

  • Green Disk, which offers mail-in or pickup options for everything from a CD to a PC.
  • CD Recycling Center is another great resource for individuals, small companies and large companies wanting to set up an on-site CD recycling program.
  • Back thru the Future offers mail-in CD/DVD & hard drive recycling. Just pay shipping! 
  • CDs, DVDs, cassettes and video tapes can also be placed in the trash. 



Items where ‟or no charge” is indicated may be covered by Vermont E-Waste Law — No charge for households, 501(c)(3) charities, school districts, small businesses (10 or fewer employees) OR 7 or fewer covered items per visit.

  • Large items or quantities charged by weight at the discretion of the scalehouse operator: $0.23 per lb.
  • Computers, whole systems (includes everything): $11 each (or no charge)
  • Computers, by piece (monitor or CPU or printer): $6 per piece (or no charge)
  • Televisions (regular size): $7 each (or no charge)
  • Televisions (console size): $15 each (or no charge)
  • Desktop Photocopier: $11 per piece
  • Small Electronics (Fax, VCR, DVD/CD, Stereo, Telephones, etc.): $2.50 per piece
  • Mixed Bag (cords, adapters, CDs, tapes, cassettes, DVDs, chips, cards - grocery bag size): $5 per bag


The fee associated with your town drop-off or curbside collection service applies for this item.


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