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Cooking Oil & Grease

Some types of this item are banned from disposal in the trash in Vermont. For more information, see below.

Disposal Options

Food scraps, including cooking oil and grease, from food scrap generators of 18 tons/year (1/3 ton/week) must be diverted to any certified facility within 20 miles.

Small amounts of cooking oil may be brought to the District’s HazWaste Center for special recycling or may be safely disposed of in the trash when cool. Larger, regularly-generated quantities of cooking oil can often can be collected and beneficially reused. Ask the company that supplies you with oils to recommend a collection agent. Use of vegetable oils for fuel in converted diesel cars is increasing. Alternatively, the following businesses accept commercial quantities of used cooking oil and grease for recycling. Call each business directly for fees and details.


Fees vary for disposal options; please contact the companies directly for a quote.

Hazardous Waste

  • Residential (including all paint): No Charge
  • Business, CEG (including all paint) Must schedule appointment date/time: Actual Cost + $5 Fee (Under Vermont Paint Law — No charge for architectural paint. The $5-per-visit admin fee will be waived on paint-only loads.)


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