A to Z Guide: Light Bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes (straight, circular and U-shaped), compact fluorescent light bulbs, UV radiation tubes, HID bulbs, and metal halide and sodium bulbs all contain mercury and need to be kept out of the trash.  There are two options for proper recycling of mercury-containing bulbs:

  • Bulbs are accepted at the District Transfer Station for a nominal fee.  Please do not tape bulbs together.  Call ahead (388-2333) if you have a large quantity.  Free boxes are available to assist you in bringing in large numbers of straight tubes safely.
  • Several area stores also accept bulbs for recycling.  Visit VT’s Mercury Education & Reduction Campaign for a list of locations near you.  Most stores participating in this collection do place a limit on the number of bulbs you may bring per visit.

If you break a mercury-containing bulb, visit the Mercury Education & Reduction Campaign for information on proper clean-up and disposal of broken bulbs.  Broken mercury-containing bulbs are accepted at the District’s HazWaste Center.

Halogen, incandescent, LED, and infrared light bulbs do not contain hazardous materials and can be disposed of with regular household trash.