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Maple Tubing

Disposal Options

Polyethylene maple sap tubing is accepted for special recycling by appointment only at the District Transfer Station in Middlebury. Call us at (802) 388-2333 for an appointment. The program is for Addison County residents. If you do not reside in Addison County, please call us at (802) 388-2333. Not sure if your sap line is polyethylene? If a small piece floats in water, it’s polyethylene. View our printable maple tubing recycling guide

Not accepted:

  • PVC sap line or pipe
  • Teflon-lined sap line
  • Drain, sewer, or water service pipe
  • Metal/strapping/tension wire
  • Leaves, dirt, rocks

What you need to do:

  • Cut stiff main line into 3-foot lengths.
  • Remove all tees, taps & fittings. Loads with these items still attached will not be accepted. 
  • Coil or bundle tubing for easier transport.
  • Make an appointment to drop it off at the ACSWMD Transfer Station by calling (802) 388-2333.

Loads that are extremely dirty or contaminated with unacceptable materials may be rejected.


Maple Tubing

Call for acceptance guidelines; by appointment only

  • $10 per cubic yard


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