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Natural Wood

This item is banned from disposal in the trash in Vermont and requires special recycling.  

Disposal Options

Natural wood, including trees, branches, wood chips, lumber, and brush, that has never been painted, glued, stained, or treated in any way is accepted at the District Transfer Station. 

Large branches or logs larger than 6" in diameter should be cut into 16" lengths. Stumps are accepted at the District Transfer Station.

Residents may check with their town clerk or the local fire warden for restrictions on open burning of wood waste.

Plywood, OSB, pallets, and particleboard are not considered clean wood.



    Clean Wood

    Brush, branches; cut into 16-inch logs if greater than 6-inches in diameter

    • Residential, up to 1 regular pick-up truck or small trailer: $7 per load
    • Trucks (larger than pick-up truck), large loads, and all commercial loads: $60 per ton
    • Mulch loading assistance (upon request): $10 per scoop


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