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Shredded Paper

This item is banned from disposal in the trash in Vermont and must be recycled with blue-bin recycling.  

Disposal Options

Shredded office paper is recyclable. Please put shredded paper in clear plastic bags and tie shut before placing in your blue bin. Please note that this is the only recyclable item that should be placed in a bag!

    Shredded paper is required to be in clear plastic bags so that it can be identified by workers at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where all Addison County recycling is processed. Workers pull the bags off the line before they encounter the whirling discs and other machinery that sorts the recyclables. If the paper comes in loose, it will wrap around the gears, plug up sorting screens, and generally cause havoc. If it is in an opaque bag, workers won’t be able to see that it is valuable office paper, and as it speeds by on the conveyor they will be forced to assume it is trash since they will not have time to open the bag.

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    The fee associated with your town drop-off or curbside collection service applies for this item.


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