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Sinks & Toilets

Disposal Options

We encourage residents to donate sinks and toilets in good condition by posting them on Front Porch Forum, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or by utilizing other donation options. Find out more local donation options on our donations page.

These organizations also accept donations of some fixtures in good condition:

Unusable ceramic fixtures may be accepted to be crushed and recycled as road base at Ranger Asphalt & Concrete Processing, Colchester, (802) 655-2005.

Ceramic sinks, toilets, and plumbing fixtures that cannot be reused or recycled are accepted at the District Transfer Station to be disposed of as trash.


Scrap Metal

  • No Charge


  • Municipal solid waste (MSW), Construction & Demolition Debris: $148 per ton
  • Minimum Fee - 100 lbs. or less - mixed debris: $9 per load


Search the A to Z Guide and find out what to do with hundreds of items.