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Disposal Options

Typewriters are accepted at the District Transfer Station. Electric typewriters may be accepted for special electronics recycling. Typewriters that are at least 80% metal will be recycled as scrap metal (metal items larger than one cubic foot or greater than 25 pounds must be separated from the trash per District Ordinance). Others will be disposed of as trash or can be placed in your household trash.


Scrap Metal

  • No Charge


Items where ‟or no charge” is indicated may be covered by Vermont E-Waste Law — No charge for households, 501(c)(3) charities, school districts, small businesses (10 or fewer employees) OR 7 or fewer covered items per visit.

  • Large items or quantities charged by weight at the discretion of the scalehouse operator: $0.23 per lb.
  • Computers, whole systems (includes everything): $11 each (or no charge)
  • Computers, by piece (monitor or CPU or printer): $6 per piece (or no charge)
  • Televisions (regular size): $7 each (or no charge)
  • Televisions (console size): $15 each (or no charge)
  • Desktop Photocopier: $11 per piece
  • Small Electronics (CD/DVD player, Fax, Stereo, Corded Telephones, UPS, VCR etc.): $2.50 per piece
  • Mixed Bag (adapters, cameras, chips, cords, game controllers, phones, remotes, etc - grocery bag size): $5 per bag


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