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Request Waste Warriors for an Event

Waste Warriors are volunteer educators who have been trained by ACSWMD to help event attendees sort their discarded materials correctly. They’re a friendly, enthusiastic, and cheerful presence at your sorting stations to answer questions about where discarded items belong, make sorting easier for your attendees, and reduce contamination in your trash, recycling, and composting containers.

Waste Warriors are not members of the event’s clean-up crew. They don’t empty collection containers, transport bags of materials, pick up litter, or do other tasks that events are required to do anyway. By teaching attendees where to put their discarded items, ACSWMD Waste Warriors make the event’s work easier – but they don’t do it for you.

Please note that we can’t guarantee that Waste Warriors will be available even if your request is approved. You are welcome to recruit your own volunteers and request a specific Waste Warrior training for them. 

There is no fee for Waste Warriors, but events must demonstrate commitment to responsible waste management practices. (See details in the Terms of Agreement on application below.)

We also ask event organizers to offer a token of appreciation to the Waste Warriors volunteers, such as a food voucher or free event t-shirt or other piece of swag. All Waste Warriors should receive free admission to the event.

Please submit your request for volunteers at least four weeks before the event.

Waste Warriors Request Form

What can you provide to Waste Warriors to thank them for their service?

(e.g. free addmision to event, t-shirt, food voucher)

Where and to whom should Waste Warriors report on event day?

Please provide a specific location, such as "volunteer tent" or "main pavilion" and the name or title of the person they should ask for.

Terms of Agreement

As an official representative of this Event, I understand and agree to the following:

  • ACSWMD does not provide pickup of trash, recycling or compost generated at events. Event organizers are responsible for arranging for transport and payment for proper recycling or disposal of waste. 
  • Recycling and food scrap collection are mandatory and the Event is responsible for all waste generated at the site - whether by attendees, staff/volunteers, vendors, performers, or other service providers. 
  • ACSWMD Waste Warriors are educators and will not empty bins or transport collected materials. ACSWMD Waste Warriors are ACSWMD volunteers, not Event volunteers. 
  • All recyclables must be dumped out of any plastic bags when the event is over. Plastic bags themselves are not recyclable and must be discarded separately as trash. Event staff and volunteers responsible for waste management must be informed of this requirement.
  • Event staff/volunteers must ensure that all trash cans are accompanied by recycling and food scrap containers. 
  • All recycling, food scrap, and trash containers will be clearly labeled. 
  • To reduce contamination at outdoor events, the District strongly recommends collection of bottles and cans only, since most paper (cups, plates, etc.) at events is either contaminated with food or otherwise not recyclable.

As an official representative of this Event, I commit to the following:

  • Before the event, I will work with ACSWMD to develop a plan detailing how solid waste will be collected, managed, and disposed of.
  • At the event, I will take these steps to facilitate the proper disposal of collected materials:
    • use different colored containers/bags for trash, recyclables, and/or compostables (we recommend clear bags for recycling) and ensure that staff and volunteers know which is which
    • clearly label the dumpsters where materials will be placed for pick-up
    • instruct vendors on how they should dispose of materials during the event and when, breaking down their booths
    • use a dumpster with a roof/lid, or cover open dumpsters when not in use
    • protect the dumpsters from unauthorized use until they are removed from the site
  • After the event, If possible, I will submit data to ACSWMD including the number of attendees and the total amount of trash, recyclables, and/or compostables generated at the event. (Your hauler can provide weight or scale slips from the disposal facilities for this purpose.) 

Need bins?

ACSWMD loans out X-frame recycling, food scrap, and trash containers and signs to public events. 

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