Disposing of Motor Oil, Automotive Fluids, and Oil Filters

Motor Oil and Automotive Fluids

Used motor oil, and all vehicle crankcase and gearbox oils including gear oil, hydraulic fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, 2-cycle oil, and bar and chain oil are accepted at the District Transfer Station HazWaste Center.

Residents and businesses may bring used oil to the Transfer Station HazWaste center during normal operating hours.  Call ahead if you have large quantities of oil (388-2333).  Also please call first before bringing oil in containers greater than 5 gallon-size.

Please note:  For safety reasons, spill prevention, and possible contamination issues,  customers should NOT pour off their own oil at the Transfer Station.  Instead, place oil containers upright with lids intact in the black plastic storage trays located adjacent to the large tank.  If you need your empty container back, a Transfer Station Operator will pour your oil for you while you wait.

Ideally, the used oil container should be clear or translucent so that District staff can visually inspect the contents.  All used oil must be free of contaminants such as water, gas, diesel, antifreeze, transformer oil (PCBs), etc.  Containers should also be sturdy, with no holes, cracks, or other leaks.  The lid should be securely attached.  Please transport containers safely.  If containers are in the back of a pick-up truck, please be careful to secure them so that they do not tip or fall over.

NOTE:  Empty plastic motor oil bottles are not accepted locally as recyclables and should be disposed of with your regular trash.

Cost:  There is no fee for small amounts of uncontaminated used oil from District residents or businesses.  Businesses with large quantities of used oil may be charged fees if large containers (drums) must be managed, or if testing of the oil is required.  If used oil is found to be contaminated, the District may charge the full disposal cost for the contaminated material.

Oil Filters

Did you know that even after draining, a used oil filter may still contain up to 40% of its total capacity?  Residents and businesses may bring oil filters to the District Transfer Station HazWaste Center for proper recycling.  The filters should be drained, and may be either crushed or uncrushed.  The fee is $0.25 per filter, or $60.00 for a 55-gallon drum full (crushed or uncrushed).  Fuel filters are prohibited, and should be brought to the District HazWaste Center.

If you are a business looking to recycle your oil filters, please see the Fact Sheet on Oil Filters from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.