ACT 148 – Vermont’s New Solid Waste Law Brings Big Changes

Vermont’s new solid waste law, Act 148, is the most significant change to VT solid waste law since 1987. Act 148 focuses on recyclables and organics by establishing new statewide mandates. Bans on disposal of certain recyclables, leaf & yard waste, and food residuals will be phased in, as will mandatory recycling and food collection by both haulers and facilities receiving waste. Recycling containers will be required in publicly owned places.

Vermont’s new Solid Waste Plan, currently being developed, will establish new waste reduction performance measurements that all Vermont communities will have to meet. Act 148 addresses the “3 C’s” for recyclables and organics: Consistency (across the State), Convenience (parallel collection and on-the-go), and Cost-effectiveness. Municipalities will be required to adopt pay-as-you-throw collection systems, and recycling will be mandatory for all residents and businesses across the state.

Follow this link to the VT Agency of Natural Resource’s website for information about Act 148, including a summary of the law, fact sheets, and many additional resources.

Follow this link for information about VT’s new Universal Recycling Symbols.

Also available online:  Systems Analysis of the Impact of Act 148 on Solid Waste Management in Vermont.  This Draft Report, prepared by DSM Environmental Services, Inc.  and Tellus Institute, can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

Our District is in a strong position for transitioning to the requirements of Act 148, since many of the elements of the new law are already adopted and enforced by the District and its member towns.  Click here to see the full text of Act 148.