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Join the Vermont School Battery Quest for a chance to win!

Posted Monday, May 6, 2019
Special Recycling

Between now and May 24th, all Vermont Elementary and Middle School classes, clubs, and groups, K-8 are invited to participate in the School Battery Quest. Participating classes, clubs or groups could win a cash prize while doing something good for their community and the planet!

The goal of the contest is to safely and responsibly recycle as many used batteries as possible at drop-off locations for special recycling. Students will start their quest discovering just how many items in their home are powered by batteries and will culminate with students bringing used batteries from their homes to be recycled at their nearest drop-off location. Students will also be encouraged to branch out to their community to spread awareness about proper battery recycling. Classes, clubs, and groups that collect the greatest number of batteries (per capita) will be awarded a cash prize! As a reminder, no batteries should be brought onto school property.

The School Battery Quest’s resources address proper recycling habits, battery recycling safety and the prevalence of batteries in our day-to-day lives throughout the contest. The School Battery Quest runs until May 24th. A reminder that a teacher or school club advisor must sign-up in order to be eligible to win a cash prize!

To sign-up or learn more about the School Battery Quest, visit