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RFP for Firewall & Internet Security

Posted Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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The Addison County Solid Waste Management District (District) is soliciting proposals from qualified Contractors to provide the District Office and Transfer Station with the following upgrades to improve their overall security posture: (1) E-mail security - the critical first line of defense against phishing attacks. This solution will scan all e-mails sent to and from ACSWMD’s systems for suspicious content and block it. This also will provide ACSWMD with message encryption – allowing on-demand encryption of e-mails for secure transmission of sensitive data. (2) A robust firewall to defend against malicious attacks against the network, and to provide secure remote access. (3) Next-generation endpoint protection on all Windows desktops and laptops to protect against ransomware and other attacks that may make their way onto the system. (4) Web content filtering to stop attempted access to potentially malicious websites (whether intentional or accidental). Properly segmented wireless connectivity in the office. The wireless network will be configured to isolate guest wireless traffic from the business systems. (5) Support/maintenance contract, including emergency support and upgrades. Please contact Patti Johnson at 802-388-2333 Ext 231 or by email at 

ACSWMD Firewall & Security RFP