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Salisbury votes to join the District

Posted Friday, March 8, 2019
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On Town Meeting Day, Salisbury residents voted 149 to 30 in support of becoming the 21st Town to join the Addison County Solid Waste Management District. As part of this decision, the Town has agreed to close their current unlined landfill. “We’re excited about the vote and glad to hear Salisbury will be joining the District,” says Cheryl Brinkman, ACSWMD Board of Supervisors Chair. 

As Salisbury officials develop a closure plan for ceasing operation and eventually capping their landfill, the District is committed to helping the Town through this transition. We can provide outreach materials for residents, and grant funding to help the Town create a new trash and recycling drop off center at the old landfill site. During this transition, Salisbury residents and qualifying small businesses may take advantage of the District’s HazWaste Center as well as our special recycling programs. Salisbury should officially become a member Town later this fall, but in the meantime, residents are encouraged to contact the District with any questions about recycling, composting, hazardous waste, or trash disposal.