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New Drywall and Asphalt Shingles Recycling Programs

Posted Thursday, November 5, 2020
Special Recycling

Asphalt shingles drop-off area

Drywall recycling drop-off area

Addison County Solid Waste Management District is now accepting asphalt shingles and new drywall scraps for recycling at its Transfer Station in Middlebury. This new program allows community members and contractors to bring in new or used asphalt shingles, with or without tar paper and nails attached, for special recycling. Drywall can also be recycled, however, it must be new drywall that has not been coated or painted and it must be dry (no water damage or mold). The pricing for both materials is $110 per ton, which is $18 cheaper than paying for them to go in the trash. Separate these items from other wastes, so you can easily unload them upon arrival. 

 When recycled, asphalt shingles are ground up and added to pavement, which reduces paving costs, reuses a resource that would otherwise be sent to the landfill, and can improve the quality of roads. Drywall scraps are processed into a fertilizer product. The gypsum in drywall is a great soil amendment that positively impacts plant size when added to manure or biosolids for land application. Compost products containing drywall gypsum are already being marketed across Canada and in some parts of the United States. During your next renovation or home improvement project, take some time to separate these materials, conserve landfill space, and help us create new recycled materials! 

Asphalt shingle recycling is partially funded through a grant from the Agency of Natural Resources.